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After many years at Revesby Country Fair, this year we’ll be making a change and going to Doddington Hall on Sunday 19 June. Please download this application form and get it off in the post if you’d like to join us
Dave Charysz

From Bruce Kelsey
Just a quick update ref Drive It Day, for those not at April’s branch meeting. We are still waiting to hear back from Belvoir and so have decided to return to Belton House as per last year. I’ll be in touch with some more details soon.
Best regards
fs1fs2fs32 door Trafalgar Blue Saloon 1970 – £3250.00 including various spares. Unleaded Head and alternator. Cleethorpes. Contact Area 1 Liaison for more info – sue@woldsmmoc.org.uk
Sherwood Classic

sherwoodSunday 14 Sept is the annual Sherwood Restorations Classic Tour – three of our branch cars are taking part this year. Pics and words now here

Morris Minor Scrapbook

scrapbookA genuinely terrifying discovery, as Chairman Bob aka Pete reveals that he has been maintaining on and off a branch scrapbook going back to when some of us had hair. I’m starting work on digitising it for the site, but in the meantime you can email me any new contributions and I’ll add it to the archive (as long as nobody bribes me not to)

Newsletter time!

newsletterMore random guff in the Aug version of the Branch N’letter – Samuel Pepys eat yer heart out 😉

MMOC Northern Ireland Regional Rally

Intrepid (foolhardy?) Lincs member Bruce, undeterred by his last foreign adventure resulting in  the car coming home on a trailer, has set off all on his lonesome to take part in the Northern Irish rally and road run. He promises to knock up a decent report on the run plus some piccies. If he gets back, anyway… 

MMOC North Lincs Branch Rally


Meanwhile, the Motley Crew and some Lincs branch stragglers will be congregating on Sunday at the Waters Edge Visitor Centre underneath the Humber Bridge for the North Lincs branch rally. Had a great day here last year, although if memory serves the weather was crap! Forecast is good for Sunday, so see you there? (Event writeup and pics)

Isle of Wight MMOC Rally weekend


Not long now until the Motley Crew set off for the Isle of Wight rally, a full week of sightseeing, scoffing, and not a little amount of alcohol consumption. Look out Shanklin, here we come – better stock up on ice-cream now 😉 . Pics and words now online here

Moggie Fest 2015!

moggie fest

Early date for your diaries – Beaulieu next 16/17 May for Dorset Branch MMOC Moggie Fest.

Two Lanc’s aloft for first time in 50 years

lancsAlmost by chance, Bruce and Mike got to witness an awesome display in the skies over Coningsby as the two Lancasters flew together for the first time to practice their routines for summer 2014 displays all over the UK. Lots of pics and writeup here

New addition to the fleet

new additionOkay so it’s not a Minor, but it’s from the same ‘stable’! As the Traveller is still off the road (don’t even ask), I thought some new wheels might be in order for a while. So why a little Mini Cooper? Well because Matt will take it over from me when I’ve finished with it and back in the Minor. I have to say though, it is a nippy little beastie!

Unfinished business – we’re going back!

Morris Traveller and Minor Convertible Simplon Pass Italy June 2013

Following our marginally less than successful jaunt through the Alps in 2013, we’re embarking on an even more arduous alpine adventure in 2015. Is your Morris, or more importantly its driver and passengers, up for it? We’ll be taking the Minors over a variety of high mountain passes in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria and stopping over at a selection of ‘bed and breakfast’ accommodation en route to the British Car Show in Nantua in June 2015.

There will be a variety of ‘big name’ passes along the way, presuming Tom doesn’t screw things up again, including the Great and Little St Bernards, Grimsel, Furka, and even the Stelvio Passes. If you’re interested in taking your Minor to the most picturesque parts of Europe and then breaking down then we’d love to hear from you!

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