Bilt Hamber rustproofing and polishes

(Apologies – I promised to put up this article some time ago but have been trying to recover the pictures to accompany it from a seized hard drive. Unfortunately I still can’t get the pictures back, so here are just the words for now)

While we were building this car we spent a lot of time working out how best to protect it from the elements. We knew even then that the car would be doing a lot more mileage than most Minors and that inevitably it would be at risk of corrosion from road detritus etc. After a bit of online research I spoke to Bilt Hamber, who’d had some fantastic reviews in the classic car press. They’re still relatively little known in the UK compared to people like AutoGlym and the other big players but the high praise they were receiving persuaded us to have a chat with them.

After discussing our needs, they despatched some Dynax S50 injection wax to inject into the chassis rails. Traveller Timbers who built the body did the dirty bit for us, though from what they said we needn’t have worried about doing it ourselves. The pressurised cans came complete with a long thin nozzle and actually applying it appeared to be a breeze. On the external surfaces, the S50 stuck well to the metal and stayed ‘sticky’ and soft even now some months later. It’s also a lot less ugly than thick underseal (although I can think of better colours than brown!). Since it stays soft, it can also ‘heal’ itself if it gets knocked, which gives more peace of mind.

It was a fairly warm day when it was sprayed, but just to be sure the can was warmed slightly beforehand. The cans went a surprisingly long way – the last thing I wanted was to ‘skimp’ at this point and Traveller Timbers were instructed to “give it a good blast” but we still had nearly a full can left over afterwards.

You can’t see the brown anymore as road grime has coated and stuck to it, so it looks quite ‘standard’ underneath there now. More importantly, its definitely still soft and pliant. I’m pretty sure that by now Waxoyl would have gone hard and started to crack, leaving metal open to the elements. I’ve been back under the car this week while its up on the ramps having the rear shocker conversion done, and I couldn’t find any gaps anywhere. Bilt Hamber continue to win huge praise for all their products, so I’m happy I made the right choice. Have a look at the tests they’ve done here.

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