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Lions Road Run

Although this was a Lions organised event, we actually had a fair number of Lincs MMOC members here, with Gary and Cheryl, and Len and Linda, in their respective convertibles, Will and Caroline in their works van, Bruce and I

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Northern Ireland MMOC Branch Road Run

(words and pics by Bruce Kelsey) As many of you know, Mike and I, together with Brian Samways and our good friend Tom West were planning to return to the Alps this year to complete unfinished business. However, it appeared

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Sherwood Restorations Run 2014

We’ve been on this run a number of times over recent years, some of us have missed one or two here and there, but pretty much every year for ages someone from the branch has been. This year though we

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Isle Of Wight Branch Rally 2014

The Motley Crew all went to the Isle Of Wight branch rally last year, and had such a decent time we all decided to go back this year too for another bash. It’s a bit of a trek though, especially

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North Lincs Branch Rally

A very good turnout for this rally today, upwards of 50 cars, and a pretty eclectic collection too. Included among the ones that caught my eye were a P6 Rover in Tobacco Leaf – I had one identical back in

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BBMF Coningsby Twin Lancasters Flight

Bruce Kelsey and I were considering over a cuppa whether to bother driving over to Coningsby on Wednesday night. It was already 6pm and we thought the odds were that Thumper and Vera would both be put away for the

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Sunny Sheffield – MMOC Branch Rally

Well okay, it wasn’t remotely Sunny. And it wasn’t Sheffield either – the museum is in Rotherham. But other than that… Hotfoot from┬álast night’s Road Run in Driffield, the survivors set off Sunday morning for the Around Sheffield Branch Rally

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Minor crooks

Always, always, check out any used car very carefully before purchase, whether it’s a Minor or not. Well, we all know that, right? And anyone who doesn’t do their homework deserves all they get, right? Well, no, not really. ┬áNobody

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60 years of the Traveller celebrations – Gaydon

  2013 was already a big year for Morris Minors with the 100 years of Morris cars celebrations earlier in the summer, but two other notable birthdays occurred this year – 60 years of LCV’s (Minor vans and pickups, for

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