December Newsletter

Dear Members,

Not a lot to report on again, just the monthly meeting, which was preceded by a get-together and meal. There are a couple of items that I spotted on my travels and Bob Fletcher received an award, see later. Last year, Linda Cooper sent some photos of “Snow Sculptures” that she had made, I asked Len if Linda had done any this year, what with all the white stuff we had but Len said it was the wrong sort of snow. Hmmm, sounds like a “British Rail” excuse to me.
The next meeting will be a week later, Monday 10th January, due to the bank Holiday. And Judy Glossop informs me that she will be making an appearance at one of our meetings next year.

December meeting
The evening started off with a meal at the King’s Arms. Over twenty of us filling the room, we were trying for thirty but there were quite enough. We had agreed the one course at the previous meeting and this turned out to be a generous helping of either Roast Beef or Poached Salmon with a selection of seasonal vegetables.
I had the vegetarian option and settled for the Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake. More than enough for anyone or so you would think but the majority then ordered a rather filling desert. The treacle Sponge was particularly nice but there were other options. Teas and coffees followed and coupled with a few drinks the evening seemed quite satisfactory and still change out of twenty quid for the two of us. I think we may well do this again.

Bob thanked Mark and Linda (Landlord and Lady) for their efforts during the evening.

It was planned to have a speaker giving a talk on Vintage Radio but unfortunately had to cancel due to the weather. We will re-arrange this for next year.

Rosie gave details of a programme to be broadcast by the BBC on Radio 4 on Christmas Eve (11:00 a.m.) Apparently the Writer, Martin Wainwright, has produced a “Merry Christmas – Morris Minors” and has something to do with Jingle Bells and Morris Minor noises. Worth listening to I think.

Sandy produced a Newsletter from Dorset Branch. Very impressive in the form of an A5 booklet with stapled pages. All professionally printed with well written articles, quality photographs, Chairman’s Report and Secretary’s Report etc. However, I’m not intimidated and will continue to produce our newsletter to the low standard that you have come to expect. Sandy pointed out that Mike Dean’s Car and Teardrop trailer, as displayed at the NEC, got a particular mention in Dorset’s newsletter. It seams that it attracted quite a bit of interest.
Sandy also said that he had met with Nick Larkin, Editor of Classic Car Weekly, and that Mike’s car was to be featured in the next issue of the publication.

I had acquired a “genuine” Pratt’s Oil of the Year Trophy and did a bit of a “Straw Poll” during the meal to see who should receive this award.

The nominations were:-
Dave Charysz, for un-authorised retention of Branch trophies.
Mike Dean, for his “Nifty Fifty” endeavours
Bob Fletcher, for filling his Morris Minor with Diesel.
David Frazer, for pranging his Morris Minor before even getting out of the garage.

And the winner was ………..
Bob Fletcher, for filling his Morris Minor with Diesel.

The wording on the trophy and certificate was a little faded in part.
Purely unintentional and nothing is implied from this. The trophy went to a very worthy recipient and although it was not my decision, I think the members made a wise choice.

Well done Bob, richly deserved!

Other Items of Interest

I spotted this book in Waitrose, Lincoln and thought that it would be appropriate and timely given that we were to have a speaker on Vintage Radio.

Book on display in Waitrose, Lincoln. No price given (I think it’s for display only, it was with the Roberts Radios) but same book is on the Internet at £21 second hand.

Part way through the book I found this Photograph showing a Morris 1000 Traveller being used by Roberts Radio in Moscow for the 1961 British Trade Fair.

These model Ice-cream Vans are on sale for £3.99 at Yorkshire Trading, Louth. Could make a good stocking filler perhaps.

And for those on the Internet with nothing better to do, if you go to U-Tube and search on Rocking around the Christmas Tree and select the first one, Kim Wilde and Mel Smith, you will see it starts with a Morris Minor. Not quite Brenda Lee but interesting I think, Oh well, suit

I received an e-mail from Mike Dean last month, which I forgot to include in the last newsletter – Sorry Mike. Anyway here it is.

Dear Editor,
While manning the MMOC hostility area, oops I mean hospitality area, at the NEC show this weekend, a member of our branch stopped by for a cuppa before wandering round the show. The following day he phoned me up and said that the polisher he’d bought didn’t flippin’ work and could I remonstrate with the trader concerned.
Mr Trader wasn’t at his stand, but his young son was, who patiently reminded our member via my mobile that the instructions clearly told him to press TWO buttons to start it as a safety measure.
When the lad handed me my phone back, I could almost feel the heat of our member’s blushes down the line. It’s alright, he said, just forget it. He WISHES I’d forget it – our own branch secretary needed instructions from a 12 year old to turn on his polisher, and he says I should forget it?!
Oh hang on, saying it was the secretary has given away who it was, hasn’t it? Ooops sorry Dave, I didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag, honest…

It looks like Dave Charysz is trying for another Pratt’s Oil nomination to me. – David.

I also received an e-mail from Bruce Garbett, he was obviously concerned with my plight with the cement mixer last month, no offer of help though.

Hi David,
We had to laugh at the sequence of errors in your report of driving out of your garage (see Nov. Newsletter). Enid learned to drive in Malta in the ’60’s in a side valve MM. When Mr Mifsud arrived for Enid’s lessons, the car always sat a bit low on the driver’s side. Upon investigation one could see this also had a stoved in front wing on the driver’s.
However, it had been repaired with a cement mixer. The damaged area was filled with concrete – not too smooth a mix either – and the hand pained over. Perhaps you have a solution to fix yours!!

Items For Sale

Pair of seats from Metro. Grey fabric. Complete with runners and head Rests.
These will fit in a Morris Minor and give a more comfortable ride plus easy adjustment. They tilt forwards and recline back. I got these for Farley but decided that they look a bit too modern. I cobbled some brackets to fit but they ought to be redone.
Seats and runners are in good condition.
£60 Contact David Frazer 01790 763080

Forthcoming Events in January

10th January Monthly meeting

Finally, Merry Christmas to all and hope we don’t get snowed in for too long.


The Next Meeting ….. will be on Monday 10th January, at 7.30pm for an 8pm start, at the usual
Venue of The King’s Arms, Church Road, Martin Dales, Kirkstead Bridge, Lincs. LN10 6XZ.

Newsletter Deadline for next issue is 23rd January

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