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davidAll the newsletters are linked below for download should you wish to see them. Please bear in mind these are Adobe Acrobat documents and may take a while to download, especially on slow connections. I can’t see why you’d bother, since most of David’s ramblings are so incoherent that he actually makes my writing look good…
Please remember – our news-ed’s writings do not necessarily reflect the views of the branch. Hell, most of the time they dont reflect the views of the news-ed himself!
Our Branch newsletters are penned by David Frazer, a (mildly modified) mugshot of whom appears here. He did supply a different image for me to use, but since he never misses a chance to humiliate me I thought it only fair to reciprocate :). Mike, web-ed.


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Newsletter Dec 2010

David gives an award for stupidity… Mike DOESN’T win.

Newsletter Nov 2010

David hits a stationary cement mixer coming the other way.

Newsletter Oct 2010

Ray Newell gives a book to Mike, who tries to look grateful.

Newsletter Sept 2010

We celebrate getting a new member. Poor sod…!

Newsletter Aug 2010

Monster issue, but still lamentably short on quality

Newsletter Jul 2010

Charysz admits responsibility for ‘Trophy Theft’ Scandal!

Newsletter Jun 2010

Treasure Hunt Results meeting – always a controversial time…

Newsletter May 2010

Branch fails in devious attempt to finally get rid of Mike.

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