Lions Road Run

Although this was a Lions organised event, we actually had a fair number of Lincs MMOC members here, with Gary and Cheryl, and Len and Linda, in their respective convertibles, Will and Caroline in their works van, Bruce and I in Clouseau, and Dave and Dianne who betrayed our roots by appearing in an as-yet unseen but rather pretty MGA. As it happened, I had planned that I’d be there in Matt’s Mini Cooper and so another deserter, but I’d been roped into picking up a pal from Manchester Airport at 3am and so was happy to bum a lift with Bruce instead. Excuses then for the poor pics quality and quantity today – I spent half the day catnapping in the passenger seat!

Following a pootle off the beaten track through the Wolds villages we ended up at a golf club to have lunch. Bruce had to physically restrain me from joyriding in one of their karts and bellowing advice for those on the greens taking their strokes, which was jolly boring of him but probably quite wise. Places where anyone showing up wearing denim has to brave ranks of raised eyebrows, and team captains have reserved parking spots in the car park, make my teeth itch ;o). Pulling out of their carpark with the hood down we discovered the MGA behind us, so I turned round in my seat to get a picture and momentarily relaxed the death-grip I’d had all morning on the route instructions, resulting in said instructions tearing loose and disappearing off over the hedgerow. Dianne was much delighted at my ineptitude, which lasted for about three miles until she cocked up and went wrong herself. God works in mysterious ways…

Through a stack of pretty Wolds villages whose names escape me now, especially having lost the bloody instructions, we finally ended up at the relocated Bubble Car Museum. On the way Dave, probably looking for the local dogging club, had inadvertently interrupted some poor sod taking a leak behind a tree, but got rewarded with some good snaps of the cars together. The museum is smaller than I remember it from previous visits and bizarrely doesn’t have any description boards on the exhibits, conveniently allowing us to display our less than encyclopedic knowledge (“ummm, well that’s a blue one…” being about the right level). Great to have good enough weather this late in the year to have the roof down all day, and a really great day.

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