Minor crooks

Always, always, check out any used car very carefully before purchase, whether it’s a Minor or not. Well, we all know that, right? And anyone who doesn’t do their homework deserves all they get, right? Well, no, not really. ┬áNobody likes to see someone get fleeced. And think of it this way, if someone new to Minor’s ends up buying a munter due to sheer ignorance and then realises he’s made a mistake and walks away, that’s another potential member lost.

Let’s have a look at these two adverts for Minor vans. Here’s number one.

arthurHmmm, sounds interesting, and at the right price a viable project. It sold from that ad, on eBay, for a couple of grand. Sounds about right. I spoke to someone who went to see it, and said that its underneath was pretty dire.

So, advert number two.


That sounds like a nicer example, right? I mean, Yes, it’s over three grand more than the first one, but “drives very good”, “all ready to drive away”, and absolutely no mention of any nasties, all makes you feel confident.

In case you haven’t twigged it yet, they’re the same car. But I believe the car has had a wash between the first sale and being advertised again…

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