Sherwood Restorations Run 2014

We’ve been on this run a number of times over recent years, some of us have missed one or two here and there, but pretty much every year for ages someone from the branch has been. This year though we got a full showing, with (by entry);

  • Brian in the Series II saloon with Julian in the passenger seat,
  • Bruce in the Minor convertible with Neil as navigator,
  • Sarah and Gavin on the BGT’s maiden event.
  • Tom and Linda in the Metro as we haven’t finished repairing the TR6 yet,
  • and me in Matt’s Mini Cooper with him alongside making sure I was treating it right,

Although we all sent the entries in together we got split up, as the organisers decided to set off cars by date of manufacture rather than the previously-applied ‘as entered’ method. It’s understandable though, with seventy cars taking part they didn’t want everyone ‘bunching up’ with their mates and having large blocks of classics together, so we resigned ourselves to Bruce and Brian being pretty much at the front. the MG in the middle, and Tom and I bringing up the rear with our more modern motors.

I’m not going to say too much about the event itself, because I’ve kept our route book and Bruce and I are thinking of using at least a part of it for a Morris Minor run for the branch at some stage, but I will say that – as ever – it was fantastically organised and managed, and that everyone I spoke to had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Our sincere thanks go out to the organisers for the hard work involved. Having received some (probably justified) critique in the past about photography skills, I did put extra effort into the pictures below – I hope it shows!

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