Sunny Sheffield – MMOC Branch Rally

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Well okay, it wasn’t remotely Sunny. And it wasn’t Sheffield either – the museum is in Rotherham. But other than that…

Hotfoot from last night’s Road Run in Driffield, the survivors set off Sunday morning for the Around Sheffield Branch Rally at the South Yorkshire Transport Museum, straight into the weather that had been glumly predicted. It was unremittingly awful! It didn’t really help that Sue Akrill was at the front, who’s abilities with directions is near legendary (think “At the T-junction, go straight on” and you’ll be on the right track) but we finally rolled in a little after ten to find a solitary welcomer at the gate and everybody else huddled inside the museum. Crap weather is always the kiss of death for a rally, especially if it’s forecast well in advance, but we did hope that there would be a better turnout here because most of the rally is ‘indoors’. Didn’t happen though, and a modest ten cars braved the deluge.

Great rally anyway, loads of fabulous vehicles inside, and a whole shed full of others waiting their turn at restoration. We even got an escorted tour around the workshops where a fabulous coach body was taking shape, with each panel painstakingly formed by hand. Cafe could do with some extra resources though – strictly tea and biscuits only, not even a bacon buttie. Ended the day with a fine tour of the town in a vintage double-decker!

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