Why advertise your Minor for sale on this site?

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We have thousands of REAL visitors!
Over half our visitors come to this website looking to buy or sell a Morris Minor. And that’s a lot of visitors – nearly five thousand of them each and every month! Some of them arrive here by adding us to their favourites following a previous visit, but many end up here after searching for “Morris Minor For Sale” in their favourite search engine. ALL of the big search engines show this site in either first or second place for that phrase, and others like it*.
It's quick and easy to use

It should take no more than four or five minutes to create and enter your advert, even for a complete novice. There’s no silly registration forms or anything like that – you just click in the box to start writing your ad. And its just as easy for interested people to contact you about your car – no requirement for joining ‘membership lists’, just read the contact details straight off the page.
There's help if you need it
Still managed to get stuck? No problem, we’re Morris Minor owners too and we know that sometimes you just cant get your head round it. Drop the webmaster an email here and we’ll do our best to help. If you’re really struggling, just send the details by email and we’ll create the advert for you!
Did we mention its FREE?

Every Morris Minor for sale advert on this site is completely free. Each advert has its turn at the head of the list of ads along with its first picture. Talking of pictures, you can add up to half a dozen images to your ad, and they’ll all be automatically ‘thumbnailed’ (reduced in size) as they are uploaded and linked to your advert. When your advert expires in 30 days, the ad itself and all the pictures associated are automatically deleted from the server (although of course you can relist it if needed).

So, don’t give your hard-earned fiver to some trader who’s just trying to generate links to his parts catalogue and part you from some cash at the same time – create your FREE advert now!

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