2015 Hong Kong Charity Pedal Car Championship

Hong Kong has held a Pedal Car Grand Prix as regional fundraising for over 25 years. Teams from Hong Kong’s most prominent universities, businesses, schools, and groups compete in the event in specially constructed pedal cars for a 24-hour endurance race in the Le Man’s manner. The 2015 pedal-powered race is scheduled for the weekend of November 13–15.

Members of the team take this race seriously.

Most pedal cars come to mind when you think of old-fashioned, straightforward designs. It is not the situation in Hong Kong. Team members invest a lot of money and time in creating cutting-edge vehicles to guarantee victory. Giant corporations sponsor many teams competing in this charity game, and they will stop at nothing to win. These pedal cars were created using various technologies, such as carbon fiber bodywork and wind tunnel tests.

Particulars of the Event

The weekend of November 13–15 will be the date of this year’s event. Each team will have 4-6 drivers, and the circuit will be set up in the city’s center. After running for 20 to 30 minutes, each driver will pull into the pit area to switch drivers. To generate money for a fantastic charity, this process will last for 24 uninterrupted hours.

Team Members Are Encouraged to Use Creativity When Designing Pedal Cars

Regarding pedal car designs, teams are urged to innovate outside the box. A few units are only concerned with creating the world’s fastest pedal car every year, while other groups are more interested in being funny. Previous competitors had built pedal vehicles resembling animals, such as an elephant with four legs connected by a linkage so that the elephant’s legs would move back and forth. When the car was pedaled

You owe it to yourself to check it out if you’re a big fan of pedal cars and ever find yourself in Hong Kong during the 24-hour pedal car Grand Prix. We at Pedal Car witnessed this event in person and were impressed by the inventiveness of these pedal vehicles for such a worthwhile cause.

​Pedalcar.com To Launch the Sale of Wood Kits for Home Pedal Car Construction

We’ve tried selling wooden pedal car body kits with some success, but we’re happy to say that we’ve fully redesigned both our chassis kits and wooden body kits to make them much more straightforward for our customers.

We anticipate our clients will love the expanded wheelbase and considerably easier wood kit of our revised pedal vehicle chassis.

Developing A Wood Material Kit

Before stopping and allowing customers to buy our pedal car chassis and then buy their wood to create the body, we used to sell wood kits. Many of our clients wanted a bit more guidance regarding the body of their pedal car, even if other consumers enjoyed the notion.

To satisfy this demand, Pedal car recently started developing plans for a wood materials kit that would include everything you need to build your wooden pedal car. We are looking into many design options and anticipate having a final design ready in the following weeks.

We hope to have the chassis parts drawn on the wood for easy cutting or, if we can work it out with our supplier, to have the pieces of timber pre-cut, making for a straightforward pedal car assembly. This wood kit will have everything you need to create your pedal car.

How Do You Feel About This Concept?

At Pedal car, we’re always interested in hearing what our consumers think of some fresh concepts. Please let us know if you are interested in one of our homemade wooden pedal cars.


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