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Dan and I took off a week this November. We went back to the Smokie Mountains. We had friends to visit with, and some pedal car dealing to do. I won’t bore you with the details of our week of relaxation. Instead, I will tell you about the new digs for bob Ellsworth’s show and swap meet for 2006. We had stayed at this Comfort Inn about a year ago. We enjoyed all that it had to offer. We had a great breakfast in the atrium, and the rooms were all suites.


The lady at the front desk was kind enough to give us a key to one of the empty rooms for us to take photos. These photos will give you an idea of what to expect on May 3,4,5, and 6th. Of 2006.

Southeastern Swap Meet

I hope that all that can make the trip for this fun filled week will do so. The parking lot will be nearly the same. I do think that it will have more shade than the other place had. It also has the patios that we all love.

I nearly forgot one of the most important facts ladies. The really good outlet mall is only about 1 mile from the Inn. You do not have Cracker Barrel, and Krispie Cream  Donuts right in front of you this year, but Cracker Barrel is maybe ½ mile away. Then you have an O’Charleys very near. If you are in the mood for great Chinese food, we have found it right in the town of Sevierville. Some good friends of ours own it. Some of you have met Tina. She is from china, and the food is fantastic. So…What are you waiting on!!!!!  Make your reservations early, and come join in on the fun in the Smokies.


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