How to Ship Your Pedal Car in a Box

You could encounter problems when packaging your pedal car if you’re planning to sell it on eBay or mail it to a company like Pedal Car for repair. You can be sure that you will have to spend a substantial sum of money for your pedal car to be sent if you bring it to a FedEx or UPS store to be boxed up.

Since pedal cars and car parts are frequently rather uncomfortable in size, we at Pedal Car have had to find the best ways to send these things because we have a lot of experience doing so. At our offices, we frequently get asked how to send pedal cars, so we decided to compile a guide that you can potentially use to ship your pedal car quickly and affordably.

A Pedal Car’s Shipping Procedure

Find a box that is the right size.

You may need to buy a costly box to house your pedal car if you decide to ship it by going to a shipping supply store. We’ve discovered throughout the years that the most acceptable boxes for shipping pedal vehicles are wardrobe boxes. Your neighborhood short-term storage provider makes these boxes available at a reasonable price.

Put some paper or Styrofoam in the box’s bottom.

It is advised to insert some paper or Styrofoam into the box before loading your pedal car to provide additional protection.

Set the pedal car inside the container.

To stop the pedal vehicle from moving while being transported, place it inside the box and add some extra padding, such as Styrofoam or other paper.

Overlap the box and tape it shut.

Transport the box to your nearby UPS or FedEx facility for shipment after folding it and taping it securely.

How Can My Pedal Car Be Sold?

Are you considering collecting dust in your shop or garage for the pedal car? You may have even tried using Craigslist or other online marketplaces without much luck. At Pedal Car, we intend to change that by providing a means for buyers to get in touch with sellers looking to expand their collections of pedal cars. To fix your vintage pedal cars, we offer to sell pedal car parts.

Selling Pedal Cars Independently is Tough

If you’ve ever tried to sell pedal cars, you’ve probably discovered that there is a small market for them. A small number of people are incredibly interested in everything about pedal vehicles, but it might be challenging to discover them. In addition to being difficult to locate the target market, pedal cars are also expensive to send via UPS or FedEx.

We at Pedal Car have been a mainstay in the pedal vehicle business for many years. We frequently get calls from customers who want to sell their pedal cars or purchase vintage ones that may have been reconditioned. We created an internet community for those wishing to post information on pedal cars for sale after receiving numerous calls like this over the past few years.

What Will Be the Procedure?

We’re still gauging client interest, but we anticipate adding a section to our website just for secondhand pedal vehicles for sale. Buyers and sellers can look through photographs of pedal cars, locations, shipping details, and other vital information in this section.

Along with selling pedal cars for customers, we’ll also feature some of our previously owned, restored pedal cars, freight-damaged pedal cars, factory seconds, and much more.

Do You Find This Interesting?

We’re curious to get your thoughts on our team’s plan to develop an online marketplace for buying and selling used pedal cars.


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