Identifying Your Type of Pedal Car with These Tips

When the phone rings, the caller at pedal car is frequently looking for a specific part for their pedal car. While it seems like a straightforward phone call, things can get complicated. It’s crucial to identify the type of pedal car you have before we can give you any suggestions about a replacement pedal car part because so many distinct types of pedal cars have been available over the past few decades. Thankfully, pedal cars from two manufacturers—Murray and AMF—represent the majority of calls we get. We’ll discuss the two firms’ histories in this blog post and offer you some advice on how to identify the sort of pedal car you own.

Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company’s brief history

J.W. Murray established The Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company in 1910. The business was based in Detroit, Michigan, until 1919, when it moved to Cleveland, Ohio. The Murray brand name was not utilized until after World War II. Famous artist and designer J.W. Murray had a keen interest in fine art and industrial design. Some of his plans for Murray pedal cars exhibit his meticulous attention to detail.

AMF’s Brief History

Rufus L. Patterson established AMF as American Machine and Foundry in 1900. The business first produced tobacco, sewing, and baking machines but soon expanded into other product categories. Bowling equipment, bicycles, toys, pedal cars, and a variety of other consumer goods were some of their best-selling products.

How Can I Find Out Who Made My Pedal Car?

It’s time to show you how to distinguish between AMF and Murray now that we’ve cleared up some of the background information regarding both. When we get a call to assist in identifying a pedal car, the hubcaps on the pedal cars are frequently long gone.

Look at the wheels to determine whether your pedal car is an AMF or Murray. Since Murray wheels have six tabs, it is simple to distinguish them from AMF wheels, which only have three slots. Every time a customer calls, we ask them to look at the pedal car wheels, and we can usually tell who made them.

Considerations for Ordering Pedal Car Wheels

First, a new wheel might be optional. The three components of a pedal car wheel are a wheel, a tire, and a hubcap.

Identifying the Need for a Wheel, Tire, or Hubcap

You can replace the tire if the wheel is in good condition but the tire is worn out. In that case, view our blog post on tire replacement.

The wheel will eventually break if the car is driven on a worn-out tire. The wheel and tire will need to be changed in that situation.

There is only one drive wheel on pedal cars.

Pedal vehicles only have one rear wheel since they don’t have a differential like an automobile. The drive wheel refers to the wheel attached to the rear axle. Freewheels are the other rear wheel and the two front wheels, and they all spin freely on their axles.

Turn your automobile over and slowly turn each rear wheel to discover which one is the drive wheel. One of them—the drive wheel—will be connected to the rear axle. If all four wheels are replaced, three free wheels and one driving wheel are required. You must determine whether a particular wheel is a drive wheel if you change some of them but not all.


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