Southern Pedal Car & Toy Show May 7, 2005

 Southern Pedal Car & Toy Show

It’s always hard to start a review about this show.  When you try & sit down to come up with an opening,  so many things about the show are going thru your mind and you have to pick one idea and run with it.

This year I flew from Phoenix, to Knoxville & then drove to Pigeon Forge.  I arrived late Tuesday and as always was spent the first few hours greeting old friends and meeting the newcomers to the hobby.

Pigeon Forge Tennessee

The show was held in the beautiful town of Pigeon Forge Tennessee at the Smokey Mountain Resort, Ramada Inn.  For those of you who have never attended the show the official show date is Saturday May 7th, but the festivities usually start on Monday and go thru Friday in the parking lot, then Saturday is the indoor show.

European Cars Year

This year was no exception people began arriving on May 2nd.  Monday thru Friday the atmosphere is very festive and occasionally fast paced.  Collectors, dealers & enthusiast from all over the country & world converge for this event.  The trading is intense and everyone is on alert for that next truck to arrive.   As the new arrivals park they are swarmed by the mass of enthusiast who are more than willing to help with the process of unloading, just for the privilege of seeing what new treasure has arrived.  One such case was a veteran of the show who drives from Los Angeles Ca. who arrived late Wed. Evening, the parking lot was very quiet until Joe arrived.  As the crowd gathered a group of us seasoned veterans stood in amazement that someone could put eighteen Pedal Cars in the back of a Chevy Pickup Truck.   There were a few grumbling from the veterans about they had only hauled a few cars in their trailers.

This year the show had what could be called a global feel to it, there were in attendance two gentlemen from England and one from Australia.  These enthusiasts brought vast knowledge of the European Toys and helped renew interest in the European  Cars.

It is hard to explain this phenomena, the best I can advise is to plan now to attend the show next year.  It will be well worth your time.


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